Anushri Jewels logo with modelAnushri Jewels logo with model

About Anushri Jewels

Anushri Jewels, a luxury fine jewellery brand rooted in Dubai and India, aimed for a sophisticated brand identity. Our collaboration focused on crafting a look that mirrored the elegance and timelessness of their jewellery.


  • Brand Identity
  • Stationary
  • Social Media

Design Concept

In shaping Anushri Jewels' brand identity, I aimed to highlight the delicate yet solid craftsmanship inherent in fine jewellery. I achieved this through a custom wordmark that incorporates thick and thin strokes. I also chose a font that has gentle curves in specific letters to symbolize the permeability of jewellery.

The brandmark, featuring an outlined butterfly and lotus motifs, embodies grace and beauty. Within it and around the four corners a diamond symbol was added to signify the brilliance of their prime jewel. We extended the brand identity to stationary and social media by using brand elements like the brand pattern, color palette, and diamond shape. This created a consistent look across all platforms, online and offline.

Ananyaa design brandmark in blue
"Working with Ananyaa has been an absolute pleasure. Her talent in graphic design and branding has truly elevated my jewelry brand. Ananyaa's attention to detail, creativity, and dedication to delivering exceptional work are unmatched. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a skilled and reliable graphic designer for their business!"

Anushri D.

Anushri Jewels

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