Caffe Grazia Restaurant Menu on clipboardCaffe Grazia Restaurant Menu on clipboard

About Caffe Grazia

Caffe Grazia, nestled in the heart of Blantyre, Malawi, is a beloved local Italian eatery renowned for its authentic cuisine and inviting ambiance. Our collaboration aimed to capture this essence, refreshing the brand for both loyal patrons and curious newcomers.


  • Brand Identity
  • Stationary
  • Menu Design
  • Gelato Packaging

Design Concept

Inspired by the café's warm ambiance and Malawi's natural beauty, we crafted a brand identity that feels like a friendly hug. For the logo, I chose a bold all-caps font with playful drop-shaped centers, adding a hint of whimsy. The 'sun ray' brandmark, reflecting the café's daytime charm, symbolizes the energy of a Malawian sunrise. Embracing the client's love for earthy tones, the color palette of deep green, mustard yellow, and soft linen complements the cozy café interiors adorned with local crafts.

With the new brand guidelines in mind, I designed a menu for food and drinks, using elements from the brand identity. I included illustrations in the menu categories to help people easily find what they're looking for. As for the Gelato packaging, we opted for a clean look that complemented the brand.