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About Robray Limited

Robray Limited, a leading mattress company in Malawi, Africa, has been synonymous with quality since 1968. We teamed up to establish their online presence and rejuvenate their branding.

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  • Brand Identity Refresh
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media

Design Concept - Brand Identity Refresh

For the brand identity, we agreed to honor the legacy and focussed on a brand refresh. I retained the logo's iconic protruding edges while updating to a thinner font for improved readability and a modern touch. For the brand tagline, I opted for a clean sans serif font for increased readability and a modern look. The iconic Robray brandmark was curved at the edges to match the new font and seamlessly maintain the old and new elements.

I deepened the signature Robray red color to maintain brand familiarity while introducing lighter tones such as ice blue and beige. These complementary colors enrich the main palette and appeal to contemporary audiences, ensuring the brand remains relevant and engaging. The result? A refreshed logo that honors the brand's heritage while embracing a fresh perspective.

Design Concept - Website Design & Development

In crafting the website for Robray Limited, we sought to embody the essence of quality and reliability that defines the brand. Drawing inspiration from the elegant curves of their mattresses, we incorporated smooth, curved edges into the user interface, creating a seamless and inviting browsing experience.

The signature red brand color was strategically infused as vibrant highlights throughout the website, serving as visual anchors that reinforce the brand identity. To elevate user engagement and bring the website to life, subtle animations were thoughtfully integrated, adding a touch of dynamism.

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"Ananyaa was keen to hear our views and expand them with her artistic flair into tangible and elegant proposals. She made the process smooth and tied in all our requirements with ease."

Bilal M.

Robray Limited